It is the nature of life’s voyage to create instances of beauty and perhaps no other yields it so much as when we commit to the person we love and pledge that our two lives become one.

I believe the memory of your day merits recollection beyond visuals and so I look to capture the emotion and to draw it to the foreground where the sentiment of every blush and adoring gaze can be felt.

It seems only right that a day of such helplessly fleeting serenity be not just remembered but relived.

  • Beautiful Bride in car - captured by Scottish Wedding photographer, Ali Crawford


I spent my childhood and youth as a musician playing the fiddle around Scotland.  It allowed the pleasure of touring and in turn I developed a deep appreciation for the sheer aesthetic beauty of images I would return with.

I took the leap to study photography professionally in 2012 working in events and weddings since graduating in 2015.

I like to take a step back while photographing and capture those fleeting moments of pure joy that illustrate your story.  These moments will become your treasures.

Creative and innovative Scottish wedding photographer specialising in wedding and engagement photography.